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Why I Won't Vote For Nancy Pelosi's $2 Trillion Mistake

November 18, 2021

Yesterday I proudly stood on the steps of the US Capitol with my colleagues and vowed to oppose the radical, far-left "Build Back Better" reconciliation bill.

A better name for it would be "Bad, Busted, and Broke."

The Congressional Budget Office hasn't even finished calculating the full impact of this $2 trillion bill yet, but early estimates by the Penn Wharton Budget Model would leave a 10-year deficit of $274 billion.

In addition to being a budget disaster, this legislation threatens to explode already skyrocketing inflation into the stratosphere, hurting the savings, retirement funds, and earnings of millions of American families.

Build Back Better? What a joke!

This bill is full of absolutely terrible new policies and spending:

  • Hands the IRS nearly $80 billion so they can hire 87,000 new agents, authorizing them to spy on our private bank accounts.
  • Grants mass amnesty to 8 million illegal immigrants.
  • Allows taxpayer dollars to be used to fund abortion on-demand.
  • Perpetuates labor shortages by eliminating work requirements to receive welfare benefits for able bodied adults – at a time when there are over 10.4 million job openings.
  • Throws half a trillion dollars to handouts, bailouts, and special interests to enact Phase One of the so-called Green New Deal.
  • Expands Obamacare subsidies through 2025, overwhelmingly benefiting wealthier Americans and subsidizing people who already have insurance.

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving 2021 is going to be the most expensive meal in the history of the holiday due to Joe Biden's failed policies:

  • The price for a 16 pound turkey is UP 18%.
  • The price for a Costco pumpkin pie is UP 17%.
  • The price for a three-pound bag of Russet potatoes is UP 13%.
  • The price for a two-pound bag of carrots is UP 47%.
  • Apples are UP 6.7%.
  • The price for cranberries are UP 5.2%.
  • The price for biscuits are UP 4.8%.
  • A gallon of gas is UP 61% nationally from a year ago.
  • Families will also be paying even more to heat their homes this holiday season, with home heating bills projected to rise by as much as 54% compared to last winter.

This economic disaster didn't need to happen. And it will be made far worse if extremist Washington politicians are allowed to force this Bad, Busted, and Broke bill down our throats.

I will not stop fighting for our freedoms, our traditions, and our economic opportunities. And I will always put the families of New Mexico FIRST!


Rep. Yvette Herrell