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Statement from Congresswoman Herrell

June 25, 2021

WASHINGTON — Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (R-N.M.) released the following statement regarding today’s trip by Vice President Kamala Harris. 
“As many suspected, the Vice President’s pit stop in El Paso today was simply to check a box. She talked to immigration activists, but didn’t have time to listen to the farmers, ranchers, and residents who live in our border communities. She didn’t hear how the situation in cities like El Paso, where families readily turn themselves in to U.S. authorities, is starkly different than what’s happening along the rural sections of the border. In my district, where President Biden halted border wall construction, illegal immigrants coming across do not want to be caught. The humanitarian crisis at major ports of entry must be addressed; but the gang and cartel activity, the trafficking and smuggling that comes across our border in the dark of night cannot be ignored and it cannot be understood in a four-hour layover in El Paso.” 
Congresswoman Herrell has led on the border crisis from Day 1. In Washington, she has introduced legislation to keep Title 42 border health protections in place, require comprehensive background checks for apprehended immigrants, and repay property owners and communities for the cost of illegal immigration. In New Mexico, she has kept up the pressure on state leaders to respond to the crisis by deploying the National Guard and requesting additional law enforcement resources from non-border states.