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Herrell to Harris: Go see the border with Trump

June 22, 2021

Herrell Again Urges Biden's Border Czar to Actually Visit the Border

WASHINGTON — Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (R-N.M.) again wrote to Vice President Kamala Harris today regarding the worsening crisis on America's southern border.

Harris, who was appointed as Biden's Border Czar 90 days ago, has yet to visit the border. Herrell previously invited Harris to visit the border in New Mexico's Second District on May 24.

"While I was disappointed you chose not to respond to me, I want to reiterate my offer for you to visit the border with me and hear directly from hardworking New Mexicans about how your border policies are harming them and threatening their families and livelihoods," Herrell wrote in a follow-up letter.

"I also suggest that you visit the border with former President Donald J. Trump and Governor Greg Abbott during their planned trip in late June," she continued, adding that "President Trump can provide you an in-depth briefing on the programs that led to the most secure border in decades."

May marked the third straight month of 170,000+ border apprehensions according to Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data. The 180,034 border crossings in May mark a new 21-year high and a 647 percent increase from May of 2020.

Herrell also asked what specific metrics and assurances Vice President Harris was given on her visit to Mexico and Guatemala to ensure that those countries will cooperate with U.S. efforts to reduce illegal immigration and drug trafficking into the United States.  

The Vice President's recent trip, widely viewed as a disaster, could have benefited from the inclusion of a bipartisan delegation of lawmakers who have firsthand experience with the border crisis the congresswoman said.

Amid the Biden administration's refusal to deal with the worsening situation, Herrell has introduced legislation addressing the border crisis. Her first bill, the PAUSE Act, would keep critical Title 42 border health protections in place.

She has also introduced legislation to require comprehensive background checks of all illegal border crossers detained by CBP. That bill, the Protecting Americans from Foreign Criminals Act, was endorsed by two of New Mexico's three border counties earlier this month.

Herrell's third immigration bill, the Repaying the Rural Borderlands Act, would reimburse ranchers, farmers, homeowners, small businesses, and other property owners for the cost of damage or personal harm caused by illegal immigrants on or to their property. The legislation would also compensate state and local governments for the cost of feeding, housing, and transporting aliens upon release from federal custody.

The full text of Congresswoman Herrell's latest letter to Vice President Harris can be found HERE.