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Herrell Acts on Biden's Border Crisis

May 25, 2021

WASHINGTON — While the Biden administration continues to ignore the dangerous situation at our southern border, Congresswoman Yvette Herrell (R-N.M.) this week wrote a letter to Vice President Kamala Harris and introduced two bills to address the ongoing crisis. 

Coinciding with her fourth visit to the border since she was elected to Congress, Congresswoman Herrell invited Vice President Harris to visit the border in New Mexico's Second Congressional District and asked the vice president to bring her and other border-district lawmakers on her upcoming trip to Mexico and Guatemala. Harris has not visited the U.S. border since she was appointed border czar by President Biden on March 24. 

"This crisis can only be solved with bipartisan input and perspective from those who represent areas along the southern border," Herrell wrote. "I would be pleased to host you in New Mexico's Second District as well as join you on your trip to Mexico and Guatemala to bring firsthand knowledge of what the border crisis means for those who live there and are affected daily." 

The full text of Herrell's letter to Harris can be found HERE


Herrell this week also introduced two bills to address illegal immigration and its economic impact on border communities. 

The Protecting Americans from Foreign Criminals Act would require comprehensive background checks for all illegal aliens who are detained in the U.S., and would prevent the release of any alien prior to the completion of their immigration case if they have any criminal convictions, terrorism, cartel or gang ties, or cannot be properly vetted.

"Biden administration policies welcome thousands of people into our country while allowing little if any time to conduct an in-depth criminal and national security background check," Herrell said. "This poses a clear and present danger to our communities." 

In a March 2 letter, Herrell questioned Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas regarding his department's inability to adequately vet the illegal immigrants they apprehend. 

Congresswoman Herrell also introduced the Repaying the Rural Borderlands Act to reimburse ranchers, farmers, homeowners, small businesses, and other property owners for the cost of damage or personal harm caused by illegal immigrants on or to their property. The legislation would also compensate state and local governments for the cost of feeding, housing, and transporting aliens upon release from federal custody.

"During my visits to the border, I've heard from ranchers about how illegal immigrants have torn down fences, destroyed crops, broke irrigation pipes, killed cattle, stolen vehicles, and even kidnapped ranch employees as they traverse their property to enter the country," said Herrell.

"Likewise, local leaders have explained how the cost of caring for immigrants drains the treasury of the most impoverished communities along the border, many of which are still reeling from the economic effects of the COVID-19 lockdowns."