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Immigration & Homeland Security

Legal immigration has played an important part in our nation’s history. We have welcomed those who seek to be a part of this great American experiment as long as they respect our culture and laws.  Ultimately, however, the purpose of our nation’s immigration system is to benefit the citizens of our country and I will only support immigration policies that benefit Americans as a whole.

However, a nation of law and order cannot allow individuals to bypass its borders or abuse the system to remain in the country. We need to secure our southern border, stand with Border Patrol, and protect the families and communities who call the border region home. President Biden’s executive orders will weaken protections at our southern border, inviting more illegal immigration and empowering the cartels by allowing the free flow of drugs across our border.

In addition to a physical border wall, we should utilize the most advanced technology to assist Border Patrol agents in their effort to keep our nation secure. We also need to invest in expanding the immigration judicial system to allow for more judges to handle the increased cases at the border. Congress must take action to fix our worker visa programs, so they put the interests of Americans first. 

Sponsored Legislation

Protecting Americans from Unnecessary Spread Upon Entry (PAUSE) Act The PAUSE Act would keep Title 42 border health protections in place until all COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. 

Protecting Americans from Foreign Criminals Act This legislation would require comprehensive background checks for all illegal aliens who are detained in the U.S., and would prevent the release of any alien prior to the completion of their immigration case if they have any criminal convictions, terrorism, cartel or gang ties, or cannot be properly vetted.

Repaying the Rural Borderlands Act This legislation would reimburse ranchers, farmers, homeowners, small businesses, and other property owners for the cost of damage or personal harm caused by illegal immigrants on or to their property. The bill would also compensate state and local governments for the cost of feeding, housing, and transporting aliens upon release from federal custody.

Defending Our Defenders Act This legislation would make the murder of a state or local law enforcement officer a federal crime punishable by life in prison or the death penalty.

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